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Matthew Neil

Matthew is an alum of the University of the Arts London with first-class honors in Fine Arts. His research primarily focuses on journalism, particularly exploring the relationship between humans and technology from an anthropological perspective. His works delve into various aspects of journalism, including its sociological, psychological, and political-historical dimensions. Matthew has exhibited his works at Tate Britain and curated several art exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Matthew spent a year conducting artificial intelligence research at King's College London. Collaborating with Professor Chipp Jansen, they successfully created a machine capable of predicting behavior through data analysis. This experience made him realize the practical value of the critical thinking skills he acquired in university, inspiring him to dedicate his life to promoting critical thinking.

Matthew's passion for Taiwanese culture and language led him to participate in a five-month Erasmus program in Taiwan in 2019. In 2022, he returned to Taiwan at the invitation of Thinking Leap, not only to promote critical thinking education but also to enroll in Chinese language courses at National Taiwan University. This allowed him to undergo cross-language critical thinking training, exploring the differences in logical reasoning between Chinese and English. In the realm of education, he aims to leverage his expertise in critical thinking and creative academia to inspire independent thinking among students.