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Our Story
As the world experiences rapid technological and societal changes, students must possess not only knowledge, but also soft skills such as critical thinking and public thinking. In fact, a research report by business consulting firm McKinsey notes that soft skills such as critical thinking and public speaking are in short supply now but will be necessary for future career development.

In order to improve soft skills among Taiwanese students, our team of international teachers established Ascent Academy. We are dedicated to providing bilingual and English-taught soft skill training; our mission is to help students prepare for the demands of the future.

Social Responsibility
In order to further our mission of achieving social equity and justice in Taiwan, Ascent provides scholarships to low income students and operates training centers as a social enterprise. Our Academy will donate a portion of our profits to education and social justice-related non-profit organizations in Taiwan.


Tyler Prochazka
co-founder and ceo of Ascent Academy
  • PhD candidate at National Chengchi University
  • Founder of UBI Taiwan
  • U. S. State Department Fulbright Scholarship recipient

Allen S.Y. Chen
co-founder and ceo of Ascent Academy
  • Founder of Lead For Taiwan (LFT)
  • Taiwanese magazine columnist at Crossing and The News Lens
  • New York University Scholarship recipient