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Our missions statement
With the advancement of artificial intelligence and changes in global industrial development, the word that best defines the future life of the young generation is " Uncertainty". According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), critical thinking skills are one of the three key competencies in the 2030 Competency Requirements, and McKinsey & Company has also identified critical thinking skills as a must-have for the future society that is generally lacking in the current talent pool.

Ascent Academy was established to "cultivate young leaders who can face the uncertainties of the future and solve the problems of the world/society". We train students' critical thinking skills by teaching "debate" and "reading and writing" in English. Instead of reciting knowledge, we use global social issues as the main focus of the curriculum and train students to reason logically, analyze, comment, discuss, and evaluate their critical thinking skills.

In addition, for national high school students, Ascent Academy also cooperates with domestic and international social organizations to provide youth leadership training programs, combining workshops on soft skills such as organizational skills, team communication, project management, etc., as well as the implementation of projects that are actually connected to social issues, so that students can explore real-world problems and actually implement the projects under the guidance of professional instructors, and create social impact in the process of learning.

All of our teachers not only have unique international backgrounds, but we also care about the growth and development of our students from the bottom of our hearts. Beyond curriculum guidance, we connect with our students, accompanying them in developing their personalities and finding their self-worth and mission. We realize that every student has different potential and abilities, so we do not just produce elite students who can debate and write, but help them to learn about themselves and become "future leaders who will change the world".

Social Responsibility
In order to further our mission of achieving social equity and justice in Taiwan, Ascent provides scholarships to low income students and operates training centers as a social enterprise. Our Academy will donate a portion of our profits to education and social justice-related non-profit organizations in Taiwan.


Tyler Prochazka
co-founder and ceo of Ascent Academy
  • PhD candidate at National Chengchi University
  • Founder of UBI Taiwan
  • U. S. State Department Fulbright Scholarship recipient

Allen S.Y. Chen
co-founder and ceo of Ascent Academy
  • Founder of Lead For Taiwan (LFT)
  • Taiwanese magazine columnist at Crossing and The News Lens
  • New York University Scholarship recipient