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Benjamin Jackson

Originally from England in the UK, Benjamin has studied at four universities around the world. He completed his undergraduate degree in Latin and Ancient Greek literature at the University of Edinburgh, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in 2017. He was awarded a year abroad at the University of Adelaide as part of his undergraduate studies. Upon graduation, Benjamin received a British government scholarship to study Mandarin in Chongqing, where his passion for East Asia and Chinese language was born. After graduating from Chongqing University, he worked at the British Embassy in Beijing, before returning to the UK to work for the British government in London for two years. Unsatisfied with his Chinese level living in London, he decided to make the move back to Asia and began a masters degree in the Political Science Department at National Taiwan University, where he has studied for a year and half so far. Benjamin has taught English in both China and Taiwan, and has a strong background in linguistics and language study. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, cycling and surfing, as well as English literature and philosophy.